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Archive for April, 2012

Games for sale! —

We have the first set of multi-touch games ready for sale! We are going to be giving away “Bubble Defender” and selling “Concentration Sweep”, “Temple Raiding”, “Yacht” and “Solitaire Dice”. Initially, they will be for sale  at Peau Productions and bundled with tables sold by Mesa Mundi.

Wiktionary —

When creating the Writer’s Block game, I needed a list of valid words. This is a fairly common problem in programming and so I was surprised that I couldn’t find a simple word list available online. There are plenty of online dictionaries, downloadable dictionaries that you have to pay for and word lists without definitions, […]

Writer’s Block —

I have been working on a new game for the multitouch table called “Writer’s Block”. In the game, players will compete to find words in a 4×4 or 5×5 grid of letters.  The players have three minutes to find all the words they can. Words are scored based on length and if multiple players find […]

Semana Santa —

We took a trip to San Carlos to see the Semana Santa (Holy week) party. Our property manager said that it is a crazy party: businesses shut down, so much traffic you can’t travel by car, people drinking too much and sleeping on the beach. So we wanted to see it for ourselves.